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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> we have put in requisitions for the retirees. until they retire, you cannot float a requisition, but we started putting those in. many of them were approved at the end of the year, but once you announce your retirement, we cannot backfill until you are actually gone. for the most part, we intend to refill those positions. >> all of those positions will be filled that have been retired. we have enough vacancies so that we can hire in to replace our retirees right now. >> i'm always worried about the lag that takes place and how would burton's the department when these individuals on a day of their retirement are not and do not have a replacement in place to pick up the slack for
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the overload starting to accumulate. >> we all share in your sentiment. >> the next one is on the category of storage of files and such. i know that when i go home and i have the content of just this past six months of reports, it accumulates. i can well imagine what it does for the city. do we have a central storage system and is there some digitizing of all of that material? >> we have a project in their to digitize the majority, to start digitizing our documents. in terms of prior to doing that, over the last several years, we keep certain documents in the house and we put a lot into storage in terms of the paper.
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then we pull those back in one or two days if we need to. that is the old way of doing things. we had an rflp out for an electronic data management system all along with an electronic plan review system. it was not successful. we plan to put that out again and we digitized our scan -- scanned all of the plans. we have another large project where we would go back, i cannot remember what year we started digitizing, but there is a long time, back to the 1900's, where we have all of these microphones and microfiche -- microfilms and microfiche that we need to convert to digital
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images. we need to put out an rfp. it's going to take a while because it has to go through civil service review and it is going to be difficult, but we're going to persevere. >> i take it this will be coordinated or you will work with the guidance, or will we bring in a consultant to address the needs? >> we have some people in house that will do the preparation of the documents. the majority of the work would be done outside, but then we have to do quality assurance and make sure the indexing is correct so we can actually find those documents. we are in a situation where we
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are running out of room in our building and for our records, we have to go forward into digital. >> i cannot emphasize enough with our city and within the bay area here being technologically rich, how backwards our system can be, not only from the standpoint of retrieval, but also from compartmentalization storage which could be easily be done. >> it is interesting, when you look at the five-year plan for the committee on information technology, there are a lot of projects throughout the various departments to do all electronic data management systems. we are not the only ones in this situation. we are paper intensive so that
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makes it more difficult. we can digitize things right now by running it through the copy machine and scanning it, but that is painful. it does not index, you have to remember the name of the file which you have. we are trying to do that in finance because we have so many documents, but the comptroller's office, when they do all of our audits, they require us to have the hard copies. it is a citywide issue. there's the issue of what can be done in house as opposed to out of house and we definitely will work with the unions to try to make sure we are not doing something that would impact our employees. >> thank you.
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>> the other thing i want to say in terms of next year's budget, the first reading of the budget for the bird -- for the board of supervisors occurred yesterday. it was unanimously approved and the second reading will be on next tuesday. the budget will become effective -- technically there is a budget right now, but it will be effective on august 1st. >> thank you. >> an update on proposed legislation. >> the only update we have -- our presenter be best to it, the legislation going before the boot -- before the board of supervisors and august. the amount of money involved in our lean cycle is $222,000.
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we do expect to receive that money on the tax bills by next april. that will be revenue for next year's budget if people pay their property taxes. on the legislation, i passed out the organizational chart and i wanted to bring to your attention some of the things that happened in the budget cycle for this year. the first one you can see is the 941 position which was deleted by the mayor's budget analyst. we also had to positions deleted by the budget analysts. they were vacant positions that had been vacant for quite a while. we went along with that as part
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of the budget negotiations. you will also see in the next iteration of this schedule, code enforcement is going back and along with that, every year, we pay 2% of our budget to the comptroller's office for oversight on the controller's office. this year, they have a project that will involve code enforcement and all of the enforcement, housing inspection and part of that is to review the number of inspections and see if there is room for improvement. they will be starting that very soon and that will be completed this year. that will go along with code
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enforcement improvement program. that's all i have. >> you might want to take a look under permit services. on the bottom, right at the bottom there, i believe some of these should be under tom healey. also, i would like to know why the packed meeting was cancelled this month. we have a lot of people called who were unhappy about that. >> we put out a response and we did not receive any, so we canceled the meeting. >> is that normal procedure? >> yes.
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>> commissioners. >> i have one. >> with regard to disaster coordination, which is noted with mr. greco and matt green. where would the budget amounts come from or, is it split with other portions of the city with regard to disaster preparedness or our level of response? >> that is completely funded by the department but is being funded by the strong motion impact the program, which is the earthquake fund we collect on permits which was previously used for the caps program to identify soft storied programs and since that was transferred to the city administrator's office, we funded two or three positions in the disaster coordination unit with that
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money. >> what exactly are they doing? what do those positions due on a day-to-day basis? >> they have done disaster training for the staff. they also attend all the disaster meetings. >> this is internal disaster. >> they trained staff on disaster work and what their responsibilities are under the disaster program or under an event that might happen. they attend all the meetings for disaster coordination. there is a resiliency committee and they are also on the housing element. housing after a disaster and they attend all of the meetings on the evaluation of what buildings are to be inspected and what priority. they attend all the training on
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the new computer system the department of emergency management has put in that we will be using in our dlc area. they will be training staff on that as soon as it is released to the city. >> what kind of feedback are they bringing back to you? are the requesting more resources or money? >> they are in the process of procuring and the disaster coordination bags for staff to have in the city and they are preparing, getting bids for the bags they will be using in the event of a disaster. they have done the coordination on the emergency management vehicles. we will be using that in several demonstrations around town on weekends for community outreach.
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they do attend the community outreach programs we have and they passed out disaster information at this meeting. they're busy every day. we meet once a week usually, if we can and coordinate and putting together the plan for the people in the department where the people will be in the event of a disaster and what their responsibilities will be. they are doing that. once we get everything settled, those people will be trained in their special field of responsibility. >> i would like to get a monthly report on how they're doing. >> i agree. i think it is an important thing to coordinate our department. i wonder if you can think about
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-- we have folks we contract with to do code enforcement outreach. it might be good to have them go and somehow engage those people who are out there in those buildings and get them hooked in somehow. >> they attend meetings and will be assisting in that category. >> is there a program to address not only neighborhoods but also in the downtown neighborhoods with regards to some of the commercial buildings? the majority of people during the workday are, at least for the majority of the population, concentrated downtown. is there some category where that training is extended? >> not that i know of. i don't know if they have been
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involved with any of the training in other departments, but in our department, the people in the field have to be certified to inspect the buildings. we are limited to that, or they have to be volunteers in the building or working with our staff. it is on a basis that the field people i will be deputizing to go into the field in the event of an emergency will have to be certified by the state. >> it does this tie in or is it -- >> it will be for some of the large buildings that do have engineers. they have been certified to inspect their own buildings and they have a certificate that allows their engineers to inspect the building and reports
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to the condition of the building. we are trying to do that with the city buildings and there's a contract out right now to get some contractors in to do that. if they have engineers that could survey the buildings themselves, that would save dbi from doing that themselves. >> do you assess a fee if the engineers go in to a building where the building has their own engineers? >> if the building has not done it in the state of emergency, usually the fees are waived for the initial assessment.
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our engineers will not be conducting the inspection of the building. they will be looking for major seismic faults and if they don't have it, that would require the owner of the property to bring in an engineer to actually do a seismic assessment of the building. >> thank you. >> any further commissioner comments? item sixc -- 6 itemc. . >> we have some issues we are working through and our city attorney -- we still hope to have the beginning of the
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project in the beginning of september. >> let me backtrack for a moment. this we did not receive any public comment on the proposed legislation? >> at the call for public comment? it was suggested we do it all at the end. >> thank you. >> i have a question on the permit tracking system. are other departments involved to make sure reading lines up? >> yes. the initial implementation of the system will be with planning and dbi.
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more than once a day, we need several times a week. they're very involved. >> what are we going to have it up and running? >> the rfp was a 24 month project. that would be two years from september 1st. there is a possibility they could get it sooner, but the project is for 24 months. >> this year? >> know, september 13th. -- no, september 13th. >> why does it take so long? >> there is significant work
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that has to be done. >> two years is not long for a rollout like this. not for revamping the system for all the details. >> it should not take 12 years. >> it should not take 12 years, i agree. >> any questions? >> item on training an update to staff and hires. >> our list of hires, we have eight new hires since the last commission meeting. they are replacement hires and we are replacing the people who are retiring that have several days -- several vacant positions that we were not able to fill due to the fact there were no current lists available.
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they became available so we have new hires coming. we are interviewing again on monday for additional clerks for the first, second -- all of them actually because we did it get a new list and we will be replacing those people and we will be able to replace them -- interviews are next week and we hope to have them within two weeks. that's going to help on a lot of the problems we are having. >> so some of those, they would take the place of some of the vacancies that show up here or is at and after the vacancies --
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>> some of the new hires are already listed because this was as of july 18th. they are not listed due to the fact we have not hired them yet and they will take up some of these vacancies, so there will be new names next month when i give it to you. the other thing i would like to mention is that emily morrison who was on loan from dhr is now a permanent employee which is improving our personnel department issues. that has helped quite a bit in some of our areas. >> does she have support staff? >> she has to support staff.
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-- she has two support staff. we actually have the equivalent of two and half full time people helping which really helps out. >> under what category -- >> payroll and personnel. >> they are actually under administration. i would like to ask commissioner murphy -- all of these people were, first floor -- technical services is on the first floor. the commissioner is right. there is a wrong line to the
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permit center. the commissioner is right. i'm sorry. >> thank you. one other category -- with the large projects coming on line, are we -- do we have the staffing and within the budget to provide a review for civil to structural to the first page of document review? >> we are bringing on a new plumbing checker, and electrical plan checker will be coming on board.
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the mechanical plan review right now, we have several vacancies. we have put in recommendations to fill those vacancies -- the air-conditioning and all of the vacancies which will be quite extensive. we do have some vacancies in plan review which we will be filling. >> commissioners. >> thank you. >> item 6e. >> we have all of the systems tested. we're waiting to get the people we actually have to help the people through this system -- it is ready to go, finally.
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>> can you go through the broad description and how it is organized provided the level of service? >> i would start with a new customer and not a frequent flier. the new customer would come to the information counter on the first floor. they know their street address but they do not know their lot number. all of the information is needed up front and they would be routed to the health bet -- to the help desk. they will look up to find out if there is any complaints on the property and find out if there is a discrepancy in the number of units or any information that would be needed for what type of permit they're trying to get. normally it would be an over- the-counter permit.
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they would be routed to the building department directly. all of the routing information would be put in by the help desk on the first floor. they would be routed to the next available service area they would need. the other item that would happen is if one station had a blockage, it would rob the customer to the next available station. planning would be first and in most cases -- after that they would be routed to the next available station. the actual clark has the ability to route them and they will sign
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off and route them to the next station. the clerk's staff has all been trained in this. >> is a visible queueing system as opposed to like at a restaurant where they provide a pager? >> windscreens on the fifth floor and first floor that will actually call out the number. it is similar to the dmv station. our call out station are on big tv screens that will, because there are so many, they will be rotating through and there is also the ability to put up on a news station for the customers to be able to watch the news while they're waiting. >> who is doing the training?
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>> our own staff is training all of the staff. they have worked with all of the staff that will be doing this and they're showing them how to work get on the computer. >> we did some training about a year ago. >> we did, but some of the divisions have moved from floor to floor. >> it's going to be up and running -- >> by the next meeting. >> terrific. a quick question. on street addresses -- categorically, what we had gone through, the coordination with real-estate --